PureColor® Solution-Dyed Fiber System Carpet starting at $2.99 sq.ft.

PureColor® Solution-Dyed Fiber System

Carpet Starting at $2.99 sq.ft.

PureColor has many features and benefits.

PureColor® fiber is solution-dyed so the color is permanent. It will not fade, wear off, or bleach from cleaning. PureColor® fiber resists stains from ketchup, red wine, coffee, and chocolate. PureColor® fiber uses 30% less energy, 87% less water, and emits 42% less greenhouse gases during production. PureColor® fiber carries Lifetime Limited Warranties against household stains, fading, AND the majority are warranted against pet stains. PureColor® fiber carries up to 25 year Limited Soil Resistance, Abrasive Wear, Texture Retention, and Manufacturing Defect Warranties. The PureColor® fiber soil and stain shield protects the fiber, making it easier to vacuum soil and remove dirt.

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